Survey Says: Top What fictional vampire would you be? results, Horror Survey
The top 13 What fictional vampire would you be? results of 3276 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What fictional vampire would you be?.      

#1 38.6%
Dracula: Powerful, Smart, Sexy And Ruthless. Weither Its Love Or A New Place To Live...If You Want It, Your Will Be Done.
#2 12.6%
Alucard From Castlevaina: Elegent, Powerful, Beautiful, And Peaeful. Your Not Above Kicking Some Serious Ass For The Right Reasons. Will You Ever Step Out Of Your Fathers Shadow?
#3 11.5%
Julian Luna: Ventrue Prince From Kindred The Embraced. Still In Love WIth Your Mortal Coil. You Don't Take Life Needlessly, But Your No Pussy Either
#4 9.3%
Radu From Subspecies: You Live For Death. The Death Of Innocents Is A Sweet Wine You Sample Every Night. Woe To Those Who Cross Your Path.
#5 7.7%
Selene From Underworld: Simpley Put: Your Mess With Me Or My Friends Your Ass Is Dusted.
#6 5.8%
Mina Harker: Smart And Sexy, However If Emotions Are Toyed With, You Will be Showed More Then A Painting. (See LXG)
#7 4.4%
Claudia: Innocent, Sweet Looking, But Beneath That Lies The Heart And Soul Of A Monster.
#8 3.6%
Jessie: New To The World OF Darkness. Egar To Learn And Does What She Has To.
#9 2.2%
Carmilla: Enchanting Beauitful And Cold.
#10 1.0%
Decon Frost: Mortals Are Food. Nothing More. You Are Fit To Rule. Sneaky, Underhanded, Ruthless. Whatever Works.
#11 1.0%
Lestat: Brat Prince. You Know What You Are Better Then Anyone Else And Are Better At It Then Anyone Else.
#12 1.0%
Louis: Tragic Hero. Your Life Is A Curse And You SHare Your Curse With Everyone You Come In Contact With. You Long For One Moments Peace.
#13 0.9%
David From The Lost Boys: Leader Of The Pack, Bad Ass And Won't Let Anything Stop Your Fun.

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