Survey Says: Top Elementals Test results, Religion Survey
The top 6 Elementals Test results of 77 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Elementals Test.      

#1 32.5%
Light - Purity, innocence, kindness. The Light Elemental personifies benign goodness and altruism, but also blind faith and blissful ignorance. Those who are attuned most closely with Light are often cheerful but naÔve, innocent individuals who believe in the wonder and love of the world.
#2 23.4%
Earth - Solidarity, generosity, humility. The Earth Elemental exemplifies the most stable and trustworthy of people, those who give and give and expect nothing in return. People attuned to the Earth Elemental are often strong-willed but gentle individuals, who are kind and loving but also humble and content with much of their lives.
#3 15.6%
Air - Curiosity, sensitivity, loneliness. The Air Elemental is the guiding force of who drift through the world without aim or purpose. Those who feel the power of the Air Elemental are often dreamers, wanderers, and people who wander benignly through life with little certainty of itís purpose.
#4 13.0%
Water - Adaptiveness, serenity, creativity. The Water Elemental is the flowing energy of creative input and of calming peace. Those who are attuned closely with this Elemental are often people of a distinctive artistic ability, and are also individuals who are rather calm and serene by nature, quick to accept and adapt to their situation, and are incredibly tolerant and open-minded.
#5 10.4%
Fire - Passion, anger, strength. The Fire Elemental is the symbol of power and desire, and it as reckless as it is powerful. People attuned to the Fire Elemental are the most empassioned, zealous people alive, strong-willed and never yielding, but also not very directed and almost impossible to focus.
#6 5.2%
Shadow - Melancholy, trauma, bitterness. The Shadow Elemental is the collective darkness of pain and suffering, but also realizes the harsh truth of life. Individuals who are most attuned with Shadow are often pessimists and cynics.

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