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DisneyThe top 25 Which Disney girl do you look most like? results of 120132 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Disney girl do you look most like?.

#1 15.7%
Jane (Tarzan) - you are simple but attractive, and you are very modest too, you have that alluring innocence to you which just makes 'em want more of you
#2 9.3%
Chel (Road to El Dorado) - you are bouncy and energetic, have a great figure and very pretty; and of course you are very sexy too
#3 9.3%
Alice (Alice in Wonderland) - you are sweet and innocent-looking, which is what gives you your girly charm, maybe your not sexy, but hey, your still very pretty and wide-eyed
#4 8.9%
Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - you are the most beautiful in your village (no doubt there) with your beautiful big brown eyes, superstar smile and pleasing attitude, guys wanna date you; galz wanna be you - you've got it made darlin'
#5 7.2%
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - you are very pretty and girly; and i bet lots of girls dream of looking like you, you are absolutely irresistible
#6 7.1%
Kayley (Quest for Camelot) - you are very beautiful but you are very modest and don't use your looks to get what you want, good on ya girl
#7 5.6%
Ariel (The little mermaid) - you are a smiley foxy redheaded stunner, with so much charm, you could win any red-blooded male over
#8 4.0%
Thumbelina (Thumbelina) - you are small and sweet as sugar with pretty clothes and a lot of hair
#9 3.3%
Kida (Journey to Atlantis) - you are very individual and have your own unique style, yet you are beautiful and have the most stunning eyes
#10 2.7%
Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) - you are wild, mysterious and desirable with wicked dress sense, a stunning smile and beautiful big eyes; and you can sure dance!!
#11 2.7%
Jasmine (Aladdin) - you are an exotic sultry beauty with fabulous hair and stunning eyes, you have a gorgeous smile which can make anyone's heart melt
#12 2.7%
Pocahontas (Pocahontas) - you are stunning, without any trace of eyeliner; you are very sexy but secretive, and have lovely hair and to-die-for Barbie girl legs
#13 2.6%
Snow White (Snow White and the seven dwarfs) - you are classically gorgeous and very sweet, but watch out; there are a lot of girls jealous of your dazzling appearance
#14 2.6%
Melody (Return to the Sea) - you are young, sweet and pretty with irresistible innocence and beautiful big eyes
#15 2.5%
Cinderella (Cinderella) - you are so beautiful and humble, any boy would pick you anyday, with you're luscious locks and warm eyes
#16 2.5%
Megara (Hercules) - you are sexy and voluptuous with a great head of hair, you are very uniquely pretty and have lush lips with a killer pout which drives 'em crazy
#17 2.3%
Jessica Rabbit (Who framed Rodger rabbit?) - you are sexy and seductive and are every straight guys dream woman! What is your secret? that's the question on everyone's lips
#18 1.8%
Marina (Sinbad legend of the seven seas) - you are stylish and sophisticated and are maturely beautiful
#19 1.6%
Wendy (Peter Pan) - you are cute and simple, and don't need a load of makeup to make you look pretty, you are a natural beauty though your sex appeal is not very high
#20 1.2%
Anya (Anastasia) - you are beautiful and realistic, with gorgeous eyes; you can look amazing even without trying, god, i'm jealous you bitch (joke)
#21 1.1%
Helga (Journey to Atlantis) - you are a sexy dangerous vixen, who'd wanna mess with you? beautiful and sassy, what a combo!
#22 1.1%
Mulan (Mulan) - you are lovely inside and out and have the ability to be girly and feminine when you want to be, and then tough and sassy - what a woman!
#23 1.1%
Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) - you are cheeky but sexy and despite your little tantrums, you still have a huge sex appeal about you
#24 0.7%
Tzipporah (Prince of Egypt) - you are fiery yet graceful, serene yet seductive and beautiful in your own gorgeous way
#25 0.3%
Odette (Swan Princess) - you are sweet and pretty, and don't use your beauty to try and get your man, and you have very pretty hair

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