Survey Says: Top what everybody hates chris character are you? results, Television Survey
TelevisionThe top 18 what everybody hates chris character are you? results of 822 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for what everybody hates chris character are you?.      

#1 13.6%
Drew- mischievous, as well as cool and talented
#2 13.6%
Greg- ''Dude your so in there'' the white and anxious best friend of Chris.
#3 12.5%
Tasha- She lives with her grandmother, and according to Chris, she is the only girl who doesn't hate him.
#4 7.4%
Julius- ''That's # dollars and # cent worth of #!'' Has the gout, cheap, caring, has TWO jobs
#5 6.6%
Rochelle- ''I do not need this, my man has two jobs!'' mild-mannered, quits jobs for no reason, loves ''turtles''
#6 6.1%
Caruso- racist school bully who picks on Chris, he is fat and short
#7 6.1%
Chris- innocent, normal, unlucky, bad in sports
#8 5.7%
Tanya- ''Oooh I'm tellin.'' Trouble maker, tattle tale, Billy ocean fan
#9 5.1%
Uncle Louis- Julius' successful, highly skilled, good cook, and charismatic younger brother, who Julius is very jealous of.
#10 4.9%
Jerome- ''little dude from across the street, let me hold a dollar.'' Robs chris and other people.
#11 4.4%
Kill Moves- an insane crackhead hobo who has a rich mother, and he knows karate
#12 4.0%
Doc- the local grocery store owner
#13 3.2%
Ms. Morello- Chris' extremely racist teacher, and she is nice to chris
#14 2.4%
Malvo- criminal who robs Chris at Doc's and threatens to kill him if he identifies him
#15 2.1%
Uncle Mike- ''Big man!'' Rochelle's lazy, freeloading, and obnoxious older brother.
#16 1.5%
Mr. Omar- ''Tragic, tragic!'' a funeral director, who lives above Chris and his family.
#17 0.9%
Risky- a black market dealer who sells items that are always fake or stolen
#18 0.0%
Monk- Doc's nephew, who manages the store when his uncle is away, used to be in the military, paranoid

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