Survey Says: Top Which Dragon Blood character are you most like? results, Books Survey
The top 8 Which Dragon Blood character are you most like? results of 90 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Dragon Blood character are you most like?.      

#1 46.7%
Lynn: She does not trust many people. Her life has been hard, what with Father trying to kill her. It takes her a while to realize that some people are good. She's talented, smart, brave, and outgoing. She is afraid of being alone, although she does not realize it. She makes friends easily, and she has many who are willing to help her.
#2 28.9%
Father: He is a cruel, deceitful person. He cares not of his family, only of himself. He is a cheater and a liar. He would even go to the extent of becoming a murderer just to get what he wants, which would be Lynn dead and all green-eyed ones wiped of the face of the earth.
#3 15.6%
Kendall: She is a very smart person. She is a wonderful healer. She's a bit of a loner and seems cold at first, but she is truly kind. She has few friends, but those who are her friends know that she is a forever friend. She knows a lot of nature since she has lived on her own for so long.
#4 2.2%
Mother: A sweet, caring, yet sometimes blind woman. She loves her family, but her attempts to make everything perfectly happy sometimes puts them in danger. She wants everyone to get along. She would do anything to keep her children safe. She seems to be living in a fairy tale, though she truly does know what's going on.
#5 2.2%
Ryfae: He is sensitive to people's feelings. He is a good, loyal friend. He helps Lynn leanr to trust. He doesn't know much about himself. He is the kind of person who will always be there. He cares for Lynn very much so and would do neary anything to keep her safe.
#6 2.2%
Tropaz: A kind, loving, caring man. He is a father figure to Lynn and a friend. He doesn't care what people look like. He will do anything for those he loves. He is the type of man anyone could fall for. He is a healer and a falconer. He is patient, not only with his birds, but with people. He does not act rashly when someone has done him wrong, but he will stand up for those he loves.
#7 1.1%
Katie: She is Lynn's younger sister. She is sweet, but she can be annoying. She is a very beautiful girl and is the favorite of Father. She has had a crush on Ryfae from the day she met him. She is very ladylike, though she is nowhere near as adventurous as Lynn is. She's a bit of a romantic, and, since she is a child, she sees things as being very happy, though she is not blind like Mother.
#8 1.1%
Sansare: A mysterious, creepy man. He seems very cold. It is hard to see what he is thinking. Though creepy at first sight, he truly cares for others. He is in reality a trustworthy friend. He is a very knowledgeable man, though he does not speak enough for you to know it. You are in luck if you have Sansare on your side.

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