Survey Says: Top Preferred Circumstances of Death Selector results, Horror Survey
The top 15 Preferred Circumstances of Death Selector results of 257 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Preferred Circumstances of Death Selector.      

#1 46.7%
Death in bed surrounded by loved ones
#2 8.9%
Death from cancer caused by meltdown of a nuclear power plant
#3 8.6%
Instantly vaporised by asteroidal strike
#4 7.8%
Shooting rampage, shot by police
#5 6.6%
A freak accident involving a washing machine, a skateboard, and a pigeon
#6 5.4%
Failed motorcycle jump across Grand Canyon
#7 3.9%
Suicide bombing of major public figure or event
#8 3.1%
Lost at sea while sailing around the world
#9 2.7%
Broken neck while skateboarding
#10 1.9%
Peaceful death in sleep
#11 1.6%
Drunken driving, collision with tree
#12 1.2%
Drunken driving, head-on with another car, all passengers killed
#13 1.2%
Trapped by bookshelf, death from starvation
#14 0.4%
Suicide, jump off building
#15 0.0%
Run over by a cement truck

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