Survey Says: Top Which Superfish Adventures/ Shrimpboy's Journey Character are you? results, Weird Survey
WeirdThe top 10 Which Superfish Adventures/ Shrimpboy's Journey Character are you? results of 24 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Superfish Adventures/ Shrimpboy's Journey Character are you?.

#1 33.3%
You are the Psycho Pig. You are always doing something dumb, or saying something dumber. Your favorite saying is 'Hold the calender." If you do something odd (which is very, VERY often), everyone around you will become disoriented.
#2 29.2%
You are Taco Mouse. You are small and fragile, yet you know how to fight. You think there is always a way around violence, and enjoy calm, relaxing areas. You are a thinker, yet you enjoy watching fights nontheless. If anything, you are a dreamer.
#3 16.7%
You are the A is for Rabbit. You are very fast, and use your speed to take things and get away quickly. You are cocky and arrogant, and for a good reason. You lack skills in battle, but your agility and cunning make up for it.
#4 12.5%
You are Shrimpboy. You love a good adventure and a good fight, even though you are not much of a violent person. You use a wide variety of abilities to out-fox your foes. You love anything involving water, and are an excellent swimmer.
#5 8.3%
You are Exoor. You are mean, ruthless, and cruel. You dispise vegetables, monkeys, and the color blue. You love anything electrical, and often work with machines, occasionally trying to steal peoples spirits, but you rarely succeed.
#6 0.0%
You are Plank. You are a mindless zombie and are made out of wood. You rarely think or move, and you can't even fight an amoeba. You have no clue who or what you are, and often get confused.
#7 0.0%
You are Spray-can man. You are a giant walking can of paint. What did you expect, a talking limo? You are very clumsy, yet have hidden strengths that you don't understand. If a cow is involved, you'll always do anything.
#8 0.0%
You are Superfish. You like tricking others and telling half-truths. You weasle yourself out of any situation and enjoy chaos and confusion. You often pull fire alarms and go cow-tipping just for fun.
#9 0.0%
You are the Witch. You possess magical powers and will use them to change anything that displeases you. You will use your powers for others, but only at a high price.
#10 0.0%
You are... Who are you? You tell me.

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