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Share -- The top What perfume best suits your personality? results, A Health Selector
HealthThe top 8 What perfume best suits your personality? results of 20424 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What perfume best suits your personality?.

#1 21.3%
Dreamy perfume by dessert beauty-edible, versatile and always a favorite.
#2 15.3%
Sugar Cookie perfume by demeter-sweet and playful, but with a bit of maturity.
#3 15.1%
Rum n' Raisin perfume by eyeko-sweetly pretentious, you never act your age.
#4 14.4%
Sex Panther perfume-illegal in 9 countries,made with bits of real panther.
#5 12.3%
Donna Perfume by fendi-classic and serious, for the wiseman in you.
#6 10.9%
Clinique perfume happy-bright, fresh and outgoing.
#7 6.6%
Liquid Sugar perfume by sugar-Youthful and potent, a real leader.
#8 4.1%
Celine Dion perfume-Lame.

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