Survey Says: Top What personality disorder do you have? results, Personality Survey
The top 10 What personality disorder do you have? results of 1094 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What personality disorder do you have?.      

#1 24.4%
Histrionic: You tend to be the drama queen of situations. You have exaggerated emotions. If something makes you happy, chances are you will have the biggest, nutrient-rich smile on your face unless something happens to make you sad. Which in your case, would be something like...finding a split end or making half a grade lower than usual. Then you explode into depression even though it's not that bad.
#2 16.7%
Antisocial: You seem rebellious and people seem to think for some reason that you can't get along with them. Oh wait, ha can't! If your walking along and someone starts to scream "PSYCHOPATH!" or "SOCIOPATH!" Guess what? Unless a very strange coincidence has occurred, they are talking about you, sweetie! You really dislike people and probably one of these days, you're going to crack. Like an egg. Weee!
#3 12.3%
Avoidant: You are a very shy person. That's mainly because you are afraid. You are afraid of what people will think of you. You are very sensitive to criticism. All you want to feel accepted. Don't worry. There are many people who will accept you for who you are. They will talk to you through a little tiny window while your a safely secured in a pretty little padded room.
#4 10.1%
Dependant: You need others. Well, everyone needs others, but you really, really need them. You become way too reliant on them, that you can't decide for yourself anymore. You have no self confidence. So if that person know...DIES, you're gonna have some serious problems (not that you don't already).
#5 7.7%
Borderline: This is kinda like bi-polar and Histrionic in away. You have rapid mood swings. One second your frolicking through flowers and the next, you're frolicking through brains and other disgusting organs that you slowly and painfully pulled out of some helpless being that made you a tiny bit mad. He probably just poked you or something, I mean how dare he!
#6 5.4%
Paranoid: You trust no one. For you, it seems that everyone is against you. They are always plotting and no one is on your side. You tend to hold grudges towards people and you always think they have some sort of "evil" hidden message behind them. That's why you'll die a sad lonely freak in the middle of nowhere and no one will come to your funeral unless it is to make sure you are dead :)
#7 4.9%
Narcissistic: Empathy? What's that? You sure don't know. You have the need to be admired. If you were being compared to some poor, homeless, dirty child in some far off country, your needs would still come first! You make minor conceited people look like angels and people probably hate you...a lot.
#8 4.8%
Schizotypal: Not quite skitzo, but close enough. You must spend a lot of time by yourself because you seem to think of all your ideas and beliefs in such a peculiar way that you start to believe them. So just remember-you can't fly, magic doesn't come out of your hands, or any one else's, and that little elf in the corner isn't really there.
#9 4.1%
Schizoid: You could care less about social relationships. Your range of feelings and emotions are very limited. You know that crazy old person who lives by themselves in an old cabin on top of some mountain far from civilization? Yeah, that's you.
#10 2.7%
Obsessive-Compulsive: People see you as a perfectionist or clean freak. Everything you see or do has to be in some sorted pattern or else you go nuts over my mom.

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