Survey Says: Top Which Askewniverse character are you? results, Movies Survey
The top 20 Which Askewniverse character are you? results of 44 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Askewniverse character are you?.      

#1 47.7%
Silent Bob - You are quite simply, the man. Silent Bob is cool under pressure and quietly calm amongst friends. He's always himself, and never feels the need to upstage others.
#2 22.7%
Brodie Bruce - You're happy go lucky. Quick with your wit, and inexplicably attractive to the ladies. An idealist by nature, you not only see the world as great, but you see yourself that way too.
#3 4.5%
Alyssa Jones - Alyssa is spontaneous and adventuresome. She strives for new experiences and loves to have a good time. She likes to be in situations that are beyond her control, and is the proverbial "Wild Rose".
#4 4.5%
Banky Edwards - You're a schemer. Not quite willing to work for what you have, but not willing to do without either. Critical of others while often asking them to see past your faults. But you are an oppurtunist, even in laziness.
#5 4.5%
Brandi Svenning - Meek and mild Brandi is responsible to a fault. She's always looking to help the greater cause, but won't challenge authority or stick up for herself.
#6 4.5%
Caitlin Bree - Ever the flirt, Caitlin is openminded and adventurous. She's dedicated to herself, and is willing to work to get ahead. By any means necessary.
#7 4.5%
T.S Quint - Timid and insecure. You are willing to fight for what you want, but only if you get kicked in the ass to do it. A quiet romantic, and dedicated friend.
#8 2.3%
Bethany Sloane - The heroine. Bethany always does what is asked of her. She is willing to help those less fortunate than herself, and has a very strong sense of justice. She'll do what she must to make things come out right.
#9 2.3%
Dante Hicks - Ever the cynic and worrier, Dante paints himself as responsible and upstanding, despite his constant dreary outlook on life. Wanting of something more, but never quite able to grasp it.
#10 2.3%
Tricia Jones - Trish the dish. While a smoking female in the films, she's genderless for purposes of this test. If you are Trish, count yourself among the smartest, and most rational among you.
#11 0.0%
Bartleby - Angry and vengeful Bartleby, willing to hurt others to escape his own torment. Slow to rise in your fury, but unforgiving when it strikes.
#12 0.0%
God - Congratulations. You are the alpha and the omega. "You Oughtta Know". Being the almighty is a "Jagged Little Pill" to swallow, but you handle it well. Your faithful, responsible, caring and knowledgeable.
#13 0.0%
Holden McNeil - True blue, if not misunderstood. Things in your life need to be straightforward, because that is how you like them. Your traditional values make you a good person, but your insecurity keeps you from striking it big.
#14 0.0%
Jay - You're a party animal. You do what you must to entertain yourself and all others. You choose to crack the obvious joke, regardless of reprecussions and are often viewed as "out of control".
#15 0.0%
Justice - Justice is the compassionate one. The one who dates the nerd because she feels sorry for him, and the one that takes a stand against those who would oppress him. Like her name says, she'll fight for what is right, despite her flippancy.
#16 0.0%
Loki - Compassionate and caring, despite being the Wrath of God. You like to think all things through to the end, even if you have to get damn close before figuring it out.
#17 0.0%
Randal Graves - You're only who you want to be. Society doesn't tell you how to live your life, you tell society how you're gonna live. You can only be influenced by your own wants and desires.
#18 0.0%
Rene Mosier - Just a tad of a snob, Rene takes no prisoners and is out for her best interests. She'll run you over with her car if you cross her...and then sue you for the damages.
#19 0.0%
Serendipity - You are the impulse. Insatiable in your search for a good time, you resemble all aspects of lust, joy and imagination. The muse represents not only the perfect woman, but the perfect idea.
#20 0.0%
Veronica Loughran - 37? Despite her experience, Veronica is caring and thoughtful. You're the female version of nice guys finished last. Too smart to be a victim, but to concilliatory to be a suspect.

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