Survey Says: Top What are you? results, Philosophy Survey
PhilosophyThe top 7 What are you? results of 408 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What are you? .

#1 47.8%
Worker - You do what you are told, the glimmer of hope has all but faded in you
#2 13.5%
Follower - You do not understand true passion and let the smaller things in life lead you blindly through it
#3 12.5%
Destined - You are one of the very few with what it takes to change realitiy
#4 9.1%
Latent - you have the fire inside, if you only find the strength to let your passion live
#5 6.6%
Zombie - You are an empy shell, a faint glow of what you could have been
#6 5.4%
Self Proclaimed Leader - You are nothing, but you think you are everything, dance like marionettes to desrtuction
#7 5.1%
Ember - You have the potential smoldering let it go and you will be one the few

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