Survey Says: Top Totem Animal Quiz results, Wild Animals Survey
Wild Animals
The top 10 Totem Animal Quiz results of 7485 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Totem Animal Quiz.      

#1 29.2%
Deer- You're quiet and sweet, as well as kind and delicate. You probobly are a little sensetive too, but to be sure you have a heart that's as good as gold. You pass into messy situations and leave them with the matter solved, and your simply serene feel for life is something that others admire greatly. You probobly need to try to not be as hurt by little things, but don't go to far, the world would be worse off without you ^_^
#2 21.4%
Chinchilla- You're a quiet little creature, that is quiet until you need to say something. Chances are you're fairly attractive, but don't let it go to your head. When something's wrong you're the first to say it, and you realise things faster then others with your observant skills. But being so observant makes you sensetive too, you have to be. You're probobly prone to being a little hurt by off comments, but don't worry, when the situation is most dire you make all the different ^^
#3 13.1%
Raven- You probobly like being up during night time, and because you have such a deep personality you're probobly a little hard to understand. But don't take that the wrong way, you're very intelligent and have a mysterious air about you, nobody quite knows what to do with you. Be yourself, it'll eventually pay off :)
#4 9.1%
Hummingbird- You see the beauty in things, and you're probobly a beautiful person yourself. You also have quite a bit of energy, physically that is ^^ People admire you because of your ability to be so. . .well. . .energetic, and chances are you're a really happy person too. Don't bother changing, people love you just the way you are.
#5 8.9%
Camel- You're the epidamy of strength and stubbornness. But you need to weigh that out, even though they are good traits you need to make sure you don't intimidate people to the point that they're afraid of you. You probobly did good in debate and your powerful aura would probobly get you far in politics, but choose your path's wisely; you may last a long time no nobody can walk forever.
#6 6.8%
Kingfisher- You probobly don't like being around large groups of people, but it isn't because you're afraid. You're confidant enough, you just prefer to be alone. You also have grown quite a bit in your time, but that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement :)
#7 5.7%
Kestrel- You have a good view of the world around you, from all vantage points. You're a mover and a shaker, someone who can see what's going on around them and avoid the pot-holes to get to where they need to go. You're intelligent and probobly pretty athletic too, or atleast in good shape. You're the sort of person that people like to be around because you're inspiring, and chances are they love you to peices.
#8 5.1%
Dog- You're loyal and can last through just about anything. You're also probobly very friendly, and you make people feel comfortable around you. Whether you're at a fancy dinner or just sitting on the couch sipping a soda you're personable, loyal and always there; the perfect friend.
#9 0.6%
Rat- You are selfish and afraid of some of the changes in your life, but none the less you are a survivor. Nothing can get you down, even if it means that you need to step over people. Even though you should look back and make sure you're not hurting people to badly, you're a jack of all trades, so be proud of it! ^^
#10 0.2%
Junco- You may be a small, brown bird, but don't despair, you're not plain :) You're expressive and probobly good with lots of people, and even though you're not excactly a hyper person you know when to amplify your energy enough to let you last through your social endevors ^^

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