Survey Says: Top LOTR: Your darkest dream results, Lord of the Rings Survey
Lord of the RingsThe top 7 LOTR: Your darkest dream results of 101 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for LOTR: Your darkest dream .      

#1 33.7%
So, your destiny is to be a ghost-lover of a nazgul.
#2 25.7%
For now on, you belong to a Haradrim, a Dark Human
#3 16.8%
Burn baby, burn. The Balrog is coming for you.
#4 9.9%
So, you like romantic bathing. Have a good time with the Watcher.
#5 6.9%
Please the beastly Uruk-hai, and he'll let you live. For now. May be.
#6 4.0%
You've chosen to lay in a grave with a Barrow-Wight. So be it.
#7 3.0%
You've chosen a cave troll. Well, good luck...

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