Survey Says: Top Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband? results, Anime Survey
The top 10 Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband? results of 233 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Whose Your Xiaolin Showdown Husband?.      

#1 98.3%
Chase Young he is evil, a genious, hot. But don't touch him because HE IS MINE ALL MINE!!!!
#2 1.7%
Omi the goody-goody two shoes of the boys and Xiaolin Warrior of the Water
#3 0.0%
Clay big, wise-caking, joking Xiaolin Warrior of the Earth
#4 0.0%
Hannibal Bean ... well he's a bean...that can talk
#5 0.0%
Jack Spicer he's the mama's boy of the show and(this is my opinion) a loser
#6 0.0%
Master Dashi the youngest, but 2nd wisest teacher
#7 0.0%
Master Fong the oldest, but wisest teacher there is
#8 0.0%
Master Monkguan the strongest teacher there is
#9 0.0%
Raimondo he's lazy, fast thinking, Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind
#10 0.0%
Tubby Mora ... If you got him I'm sorry for you

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