Survey Says: Top World Domination Selector results, Movies Survey
The top 13 World Domination Selector results of 7423 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for World Domination Selector.      

#1 20.9%
Hypnotise the populace
#2 20.4%
Start a computer company, develop a market monopoly, and then infitrate every home in the world with evil machines of death
#3 11.1%
Threaten World Leaders with a Giant Laser
#4 10.7%
Create a loyal race of mutant broccoli-men
#5 10.4%
Work your way up the political ladder
#6 10.3%
Make a pact with Satan
#7 4.3%
Earn millions on the stock market, and buy the world
#8 3.3%
The same thing we do every night, Pinky
#9 3.2%
Build yourself a new and better body
#10 2.2%
Raise an evil army of the undead!
#11 1.3%
Travel back in time and eliminate some key historical figure
#12 0.9%
Poison the world's water supply/toothpaste
#13 0.9%
Melt the polar icecaps

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