Survey Says: Top Which Naruto Ninja are You? results, Anime Survey
The top 25 Which Naruto Ninja are You? results of 6346 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Naruto Ninja are You?.      

#1 21.5%
You are Ino You are the provacative slender kunoichi. The ability to possess people's minds is amazing for information gathering.
Admitadely, your fighting skills are'nt up to par, but you still find a way to take foes down.
#2 9.1%
You are Kakashi You are the copy master.
After copying thousands techniques via sharingan, you were dubbed the genius
of your generation. You still can't seem to copy a good excuse for being late all the time though.

#3 8.0%
You are Naruto You are the hero of your own story. Though seen as a joke at first, you and the and the fox demon you carry have made everyone acknowledge you. You don't take back your words, that is your way of the Ninja.
#4 5.4%
You are Chouji You are chubby. One of the kindest ninja to walk the earth,except when it comes to sharing food.
However, you pack a powerful punch that can send to their graves.
#5 5.0%
You are Deidara You are an artist who likes to go out with a bang.
Using explosive clay, you sculpt all kinds of deadly artwork.
#6 4.5%
You are Tsunade You are the current leader of the hidden leaf village.
A genius among medical ninja with superhuman strength.
However, you're really an old hag who uses a technique to appear young.
#7 4.2%
You are Kisame You are the wielder of the Samehada.
You have an incredible chakra capacity and blaing speed.
Just by seeing you skin, one could expect you to use water jutsu.
#8 4.1%
You are Lee You are known as the green beast of Konoha.
Unfortunately, you have no talent when it comes to ninja techniques.
However, your blazing speeds and hand to hand taijutsu make up for that.
#9 3.9%
You are Hinata Your are shy.
Many see you as an oddball, rarely speaking and acting odd around certaint people.
Fortunately, you are part of a royal bloodline that has a spherical field of vision.
#10 3.7%
You are Shino You are mysterious, always hiding your face and eyes.
You rarely attack because the insects that live inside you do the fighting for you in exchange for chakra.
People take a single glance at you and decide you're either a freak or a force to be reckoned with.
#11 3.6%
You are Kiba You are an animal tamer. Using you dog as a tage team parner, together you unleash primal attacks.
You are fun to be around, except for the fact that you reek of dog.
#12 3.6%
You are Neji You are the eletist of the younger generation.
With your Byakugan, you have sight beyond sight, allowing you to
deliver internal damage to foes. Your only downfall is your low endurance.
#13 3.5%
You are Sasuke You are an avenger. Fueled by hatred, you let nothing get inbetween you and your goal. Your great powers come with great insecurity.
#14 3.3%
You are Gaara You are the leader of the hidden sand village.
Using sand, you have the perfect defense and the entire desert as your weapon.
The badger demon inside of you that drove you insane is fortunately no longer with you.
#15 2.6%
You are Sakura You are a medical ninja in training. Although you got in the way during the earlier battles,
you have proven to be a valuable asset to your team with your newly found strength.
#16 2.5%
You are Itachi You are the master of the sharingan.
You mercilessly use doujutsu to give your victims mental trauma.
Fleeing from fights is another technique you excel at.
#17 2.1%
You are Kakuzu You are obsessed with money. Using your inhuman strength, you go around collecting bounties
for the bodies of some of the strongest ninjas out there.
#18 1.7%
You are Hidan You are religious to the point that it hurts.
Although slow in and out of battle, with your thirty minute post battle ritual for the ''evil god'' religion,
you let your actions speak for you.
#19 1.6%
You are Jiraiya You are the perverted hermit.
As one of the three legendary sannin, you have raised many skillfull ninja.
Your reputation has spread far and wide throughout your many years of exploration.
#20 1.6%
You are Tenten You are the weapon master of the rookies.
Using a summoning scroll, you call forth thousands of weapon at your disposal.
Too bad you can't use too many of them effectively at the moment.
#21 1.2%
You are Temari You are a sassy ninja.
Using a gigantic fan, you attack with high-speed wind forces.
You aren't very clever, but you always get the job done.
#22 1.0%
You are Tobi You are a good boy.
Although very respectful to your equals and a bit confused at times,
you still make a very deadly ninja despite your appearance.
#23 0.9%
You are Shikamaru You are a genius among ninja. With an IQ over 200, you find even the most obscure weak points of your enemies and strike.
You could be one of the strongest ninja ever if you weren't so lazy.
#24 0.8%
You are Kabuto You are the expert spy ninja whose motives are unclear.
Using your hands as scalpels, you cut your foe's vital organs.
Its unknown if you do this on purpose, but you have a tendency to lose all of your fights.
#25 0.7%
You are Orochimaru You are full of evil ambitions.
Although you're one of the most powerful ninja, you're a bit whiney when things don't go your way.
Your reputation strikes fear into all, being the only ninja to be a sannin, a kage, and an akatsuki member.

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