Survey Says: Top Which 'Chicago' character are you? results, Movies Survey
The top 11 Which 'Chicago' character are you? results of 36 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which 'Chicago' character are you?.      

#1 58.3%
Roxie Hart ~ Wants to be famous. She kills her lover and tries to blame her husband, gains stardom when she is accused of the murder.
#2 11.1%
Amos Hart ~ Husband to Roxie, pays for lawyer fees despite the fact Roxie killed the man she was cheating on him with. Great guy.
#3 11.1%
Marton "Mama" Morton ~ Matron of the Cooke County Jail. Her Sass is as big as she is. Will be your friend, for the right price.
#4 8.3%
Lucy Lui ~ Is a fireball. Kills her husband and two girls during the threesome they were having.
#5 8.3%
Mya (or another Merry murderess) What can I say, small part. They killed people and sing about it. Good for you.
#6 2.8%
Taye Diggs (The announcer) ~ Well, he announces the songs. Doesn't do much else, but he's a hot guy, so that's cool.
#7 0.0%
Billy Flynn ~ "Silver-tongued Prince of the courtroom" Roxie and Velma's lawyer, he manipulates the press to win his cases
#8 0.0%
Fred Casley ~ Roxie's boyfriend. Is killed after the first song. Is Jerk-off.
#9 0.0%
Mary Sunshine ~ Writer for the Chicago Sun. Is easily manipulated by Billy Flynn. Annoying singing voice.
#10 0.0%
The Hungarian ~ Wrongly accused of killing a man. Her lack of money and English skills results in her losing her trial. Sucks to be you.
#11 0.0%
Velma Kelley ~ accused of killing her husband and sister when she found them in bed together, is trying to regain the stardom she had before Roxie came along.

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