Survey Says: Top Which Character from Murdoch Mysteries Are You Most Like? results, Television Survey
TelevisionThe top 7 Which Character from Murdoch Mysteries Are You Most Like? results of 518 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Character from Murdoch Mysteries Are You Most Like?.      

#1 37.5%
You are Mrs. Inspector Brackenreid! You do not take guff from anyone. You can be a little bossy, but you mean well. You have very firm opinions and ideals, and you dedicate yourself to causes with passion and fervor. You are a family oriented person, and no one better mess with your loved ones!
#2 18.7%
You are Constable George Crabtree! You have some interesting ideas, and are not afraid to dream big dreams. You are very friendly and open-hearted, and you have probably been told before that you wear your heart on your sleeve. You do not let criticism of other people get you down for too long -- and you love honesty and unabashedly.
#3 15.4%
You are Chief Inspector Brackenreid. You have probably got a fiery temper and tend to jump to conclusions. You are also kind of impulsive and judgmental. But you make a good friend because you are fiercely loyal and hard-working, and do not mind making fun of yourself every once in a whil
#4 14.9%
You are Dr. Emily Grace! You are feisty, opinionated and not afraid to speak your own mind. You are also a little unsure of yourself sometimes, and unsure of what you really want. You love your job, and are excited when new opportunities present themselves.
#5 10.8%
You are the titular William Murdoch! You are very intellectual, but also in tune with your emotions. You are serious, and your emotions run deep. You are loyal, trustworthy, honest to a fault, and extremely smart.
#6 2.1%
You are Higgins! You are not overly ambitious, and can be on the lazy side sometimes. But when it comes down to it, you are loyal and a hard worker, and will do the right thing. You may feel unappreciated at times, but be sure to know that You are important, too!
#7 0.6%
You are Julia Ogden! You are a forward-thinking person who is not afraid to stand up for yourself. You stand by your ideals but are also practical. You are not scared to push the boundaries to get what you want.

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