Survey Says: Top Mexican Revolutionary Peasant Army Selector results, History Survey
HistoryThe top 4 Mexican Revolutionary Peasant Army Selector results of 779 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Mexican Revolutionary Peasant Army Selector.      

#1 74.2%
Alvaro Obregon - Sonoran constitutionalists. Though a supporter of the duplicitous, bourgeois Carranza, Gen. Obregon is a populist who argues for liberalism and land reform. By 1920, Obregon has emerged as the "winner" of the revolution, becoming the father of modern Mexico.
#2 13.4%
Emiliano Zapata - Agrarian Utopian from Morelos. Staunch supporters of redistributive land reform, the Zapatistas are crippled by their inability to attract backing from the elites of Mexico and the United States.
#3 7.8%
Francisco (Pancho) Villa - Populist military leader from Chihuahua. Beholden to both the peasantry and the upper classes, Villa leads a fractious coalition held together only by his stunning military successes. Though initially backed by the U.S., Villa will turn on the gringos as his power dwindles.
#4 4.1%
Victoriano Huerta - Conservative military leader. Though Huerta claims control of the federal state, by 1914 the federales are merely one group among many. Elitist and illiberal, Huerta's faction is opposed by almost all others.

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