Survey Says: Top Which Led Zeppelin member are you most like? results, Music Survey
MusicThe top 4 Which Led Zeppelin member are you most like? results of 28818 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Led Zeppelin member are you most like?.      

#1 31.5%
John Bonham - Loud & proud, you party hard...ok, sometimes a little too hard, but when you settle down, you're just an average Joe. When it comes right down to it, you're very down - to - earth. You feel that you have nothing to apologize for & don't hide your feelings or your habits. Your openness is refreshing. Your "all I wanna do is have some fun" attitude is alluring, making you fun to be around. Have fun, & keep enjoying yourself, just don't rock 'n roll yourself away, okay?
#2 31.5%
Jimmy Page - Dark & mysterious, at times, you're mainly misunderstood. People can sometimes overlook the side of you that isn't as prevalent, but is just as important to solidifying who you are. Yeah, you may have some out of the ordinary hobbies, but it doesn't make you a weirdo. You're talented & love to be in control. You intimidate the opposite sex, but never have trouble finding company with some of them. Deep down you're just a nice guy like anybody else. Rock on!
#3 28.8%
John Paul Jones - You are quiet, shy, & keep mainly to yourself, but your wallflower qualities keep you out of trouble. You don't like to soak up the spotlight, you'd rather be the wind beneath someone else's wings. (I know, cheesy analogy, but I had to say it.) You're good at giving advice, staying in control & mellow. This keeps you on everyone's good side. You might be lonely sometimes, but never for very long. Keep on truckin', man!
#4 8.3%
Robert Plant - You are a star! Centerstage, but modest, you are a sexy beast & no one can deny it (esp. the opposite sex!), but there's more to you than your charming smile. You're soulful, intelligent, wise, loyal, & set high standards for yourself. You never let your popularity cloud your good judgement & morals. So, tell your friends to wipe the drool off their faces & listen to what you have to say for a change. Sheesh!

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