Survey Says: Top Werewolf Tribe Selector results, Horror Survey
The top 13 Werewolf Tribe Selector results of 2537 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Werewolf Tribe Selector.      

#1 24.1%
Children of Gaia - Pacifist, spiritual, yet terrifying when battling for a just or noble cause.
#2 21.2%
Silent Striders - "Quick minds, agile bodies, and an unfathomable pool of knowledge are the hallmarks of these most mysterious of the Garou." Nomadic, they often serve as messengers and couriers.
#3 15.6%
Glass Walker - Thrive in civilisation, embracing technology. They see the city as another kind of wilderness.
#4 9.0%
Get of Fenris - Of Scandinavian and German ancestry, these are the temperamental and bloodthirsty battlelords of Werewolf kind.
#5 8.2%
Bone Gnawers - The runts of Werewolf litter, these mutts worry more about where the next meal is coming from than the grand fight of good vs. evil.
#6 5.6%
Wendigo - Native American tribe, resentful and mistrustful of anyone of European descent. Practice hit and run tactics, and provoke conflict among their enemies.
#7 3.3%
Black Furies - Aggressive, man-hating, and fiercely loyal to their tribe.
#8 2.8%
Red Talons - This tribe seeks to rid Gaia of the plague that is humanity. Have been known to destroy tribe members for tolerance of humans.
#9 2.8%
Stargazers - Peaceful and contemplative, the spiritual recluses of Werewolf society. Will fight if the cause is right, but likely for different reasons and ends than other tribes.
#10 2.3%
Fianna - Historically Celtic in lineage, these are passionate about all they do. Some of the fiercest warriors and most inspired poets are Fianna.
#11 2.0%
Shadow Lords - Power, power, power. All that they seek, and all that they respect. Some even say that they occaisonally cooperate with Vampires....
#12 1.9%
Silver Fangs - Noble, charismatic aristocrats, these natural leaders have lately begun to show a terrible weakness. Insanity of varying degrees tends to manifest itself during periods of extreme or prolonged stress.
#13 1.2%
Uktena - They believe that by understanding the spirit world and spreading knowledge, they can overcome the evil in the world. One of the Native American tribes.

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