Survey Says: Top Kung Fu Master Selector results, Martial Arts Survey
Martial ArtsThe top 9 Kung Fu Master Selector results of 1388 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Kung Fu Master Selector.      

#1 25.1%
Damien Lau (Last Hurrah for Chivalry, 5 Venoms series)
#2 21.4%
Jet Li (see Fist of Legend, The Legend I & II, Once Upon a Time in China series, Twin Warriors)
#3 20.0%
Jackie Chan (see Drunken Master 2, Project A, Dragons Forever, Fearless Hyena, Police Story series, Wheels on Meals, Who Am I?, Snake in the Eagles' Shadow, Young Master)
#4 9.9%
Bruce Lee (see Chinese Connection, Enter the Dragon, The Return of the Dragon)
#5 8.4%
Sammo Hung (see Magnificant Butcher, Eastern Condors, any movie with Jackie)
#6 5.8%
Yuen Biao (see Prodigal Son, Eastern Condors, and movie with Jackie)
#7 4.4%
Chow Yung Fat (see Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon, A Better Tomorrow, Replacement Killers)
#8 2.6%
Sonny Chiba (The Streetfighter series)
#9 2.4%
Michelle Yoeh (see Twin Warriors, Police Story 3:Supercop, Crouching Tiger/Hidden Dragon)

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