Survey Says: Top Political/Economic Ideology Selector results, Politics Survey
The top 8 Political/Economic Ideology Selector results of 3408 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Political/Economic Ideology Selector.      

#1 19.9%
Moderate Social Democrat/Liberal (Al Gore, Tony Blair)
#2 19.0%
Conservative (Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher)
#3 18.2%
Radical Social Democrat (Tony Benn, Ralph Nader)
#4 15.6%
Anti-Imperialist Populist (Peron, Khomeini)
#5 10.5%
Revolutionary Socialist (Lenin, Castro, Qadafi)
#6 7.6%
Isolationist Conservative (Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan)
#7 4.7%
Right Wing Authoritarian (Suharto, Pinochet)
#8 4.5%
Fascist/National Socialist (Hitler, Mussolini)

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