Survey Says: Top Frank Little's-- Medical Profession Hell Career Avoidance Index Approximator results, Career Survey
CareerThe top 14 Frank Little's-- Medical Profession Hell Career Avoidance Index Approximator results of 3165 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Frank Little's-- Medical Profession Hell Career Avoidance Index Approximator.

#1 20.3%
If you aren't are worried about cancer you have might qualify for XRAY TECHNOLOGY.. These people have a definite increased chance for leukemia. Be advised, X ray vision has its price and you aren't superman. .
#2 18.0%
You don't need to go back and play with dolls-you are REGISTERED NURSE material
#3 11.9%
If you can handle purulent green, foul smelling mucus you can be a RESPIRATORY CARE PRACTIONER.. You can join the better breathing bureau
#4 7.8%
Psyche Ward You want a clean, antiseptic job, mostly talking to people who have unique world views? It is as much for you as for them. Trust me. Kind recognizes kind. Its axiomatic.
#5 7.6%
GROUNDSKEEPER Rev up the John Deere. You're suited for surgery on shrubbery
#6 6.6%
NURSE ANESTHESIA is the titration of drugs and boredom, You're not an Irish Setter in a pottery shop. In fact you're boring.
#7 6.2%
You have the diligence to become a PHYSICIAN or lucky to make the grade of wanna-be doctor, a PHARMACIST
#8 4.6%
You are suited to be a HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR. Bow before pharaoh
#9 4.1%
PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT Your inappropriate need for basic continuity, control and authority, along with a profound ability to assume contortionist flexibility makes you eligible for becoming a PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT in a multi doc office.
#10 3.7%
WARD CLERK- you push the paper let the others write on it or wipe with it. ugh.
#11 3.5%
PHYSICAL THERAPY is your path. You're not too demanding, inconsiderate or goal driven. You are not lacking compassion You will not discourage those you help
#12 2.5%
You can handle being a HOME HEALTH NURSE or BOARD OF HEALTH INSPECTOR or pest control agent
#13 2.1%
You can resist picking up the inflections and irregularities of those around you. You can become a SPEECH THERAPIST
#14 1.1%
LAB TECHNICIAN. You watch too much CSI and Dexter.

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