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MoviesThe top 13 Which Alfred Hitchcock Movie do you most relate to? results of 382 participants.

Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Alfred Hitchcock Movie do you most relate to?.

#1 27.2%
Dial M For Murder - husband blackmails a man into trying to murder his wife
#2 14.4%
North By Northwest - man goes on the run when mistaken for a spy
#3 8.9%
Psycho - lady steals money and meets death at a Motel
#4 8.1%
Rear Window - man believes he sees a murder through the window
#5 7.3%
Rebbecca - lady marries widower and tries to fill the dead wife's shoes
#6 6.8%
Vertigo - former detective keeps tabs on a lady
#7 6.3%
To Catch A Thief - former cat burglar tracks down a thief
#8 6.0%
Notorious - a good spy persuades lady to get inside a Nazi spies home
#9 5.8%
Spellbound - lady falls for man with amnesia
#10 4.2%
Suspicion - odd things happen when gambling playboy marries a beautiful lady
#11 2.1%
The Birds - lady visits coastal town and has bad encounter with birds
#12 1.6%
The Man Who Knew Too Much - vacationing family encounters a murder & kidnapping
#13 1.3%
This is not an answer, I have taken some liberties with the scoring to give each movie a chance

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