Survey Says: Top Which character is your soulmate? results, Harry Potter Survey
Harry PotterThe top 6 Which character is your soulmate? results of 763 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which character is your soulmate?.      

#1 38.7%
Daniel R. (Harry)- You apparantly love the big man on campus, the hero of the story. If he asks you out, make sure its not in any hidden chambers!
#2 32.8%
Tom Felton (Draco)- You like them hot and oh so fine! you hold on to him!
#3 8.9%
Bonnie W. (Ginny)- You like the sweet and sensitive type that knows and understands you. awww....
#4 8.5%
Rupert G. (Ron)- You love the rugged no rules kinda guy. The kind that is loyal and sweet, but can be a bit jealouse and moody.
#5 5.8%
Emma W. (Hermione)- You like them smart and sporty all in one. Just watch out 'cause she's got game!
#6 5.4%
Gemma P. (Penelope Clearwater)- You like the tall blonde chicks that are smart and funny. Don't let her go!

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