Survey Says: Top A Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz! results, Harry Potter Survey
Harry Potter
The top 4 A Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz! results of 20248 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for A Really Intellectual Sorting Hat Quiz!.      

#1 38.0%
You are a Gryffindor! Brave, proud and given to bending (even breaking) the rules when you have to, you are the model hero. If somebody is on the front page, thereís a good chance itís going to be a Gryffindor, because boy are you proud of saving the world (again)! However, you do have a distressing habit of treating million-to-one chances as being utter certainties, and are way too sentimental for the good of the world at large.
#2 32.4%
You are a Hufflepuff! Quiet, diligent and strongly moral, Hufflepuffs are middle-class to a fault. Admittedly you probably arenít too strong at the mental side of things, but thatís not what you do. Okay, so you arenít the most progressive type, but thatís not really required of you. You may be given to sticking to the old ways of doing things no matter what, but if it ainít broke, donít fix it! And while you donít get on the front pages, without people like you society would have fallen apart long ago. You do the jobs that need doing again and again. At least youíre persistent.
#3 21.0%
You are a Ravenclaw! Smart but slightly introverted, brains count first for you. Taking stupid chances, not bothering to think things through and breaking rules will not win you any friends in Ravenclaw (not that you do those things anyway). Making judgements without intellectual justification is not really your style, but your mind prompts you towards a more liberal attitude to things. Being known is nice, but knowing things is better.
#4 8.6%
You are a Slytherin! Yeah, so everybody says youíre evil. Theyíre just bigots. Your only fault is not putting others first, and not going by everyone elseís definitions of right and wrong. You deal with the situation at hand, know your talents, and know the value of human life (which, incidentally, is not as high as everybody says). There will always be prejudice against the man who can be cool under pressure, and who can be right at every opportunity. Pragmatic, slightly cynical and more intelligent than everybody gives you credit for, God help those who underestimate you.

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