Survey Says: Top What Cat Breed Are You? results, Pets Survey
PetsThe top 25 What Cat Breed Are You? results of 2149 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Cat Breed Are You?.      

#1 14.3%
You are an American Curl! You stand out from the rest with your wirey coat and curled back ears. You are adorable and full of energy.
#2 12.8%
You are a Manx! You are a unique, rare breed. You have just a stub for a tail. You are quiet and shy, and tend to attach to only one person. You still enjoy hunting and climbing though!
#3 10.0%
You are a Birman! Ah home! You love your homelife and your owner. Plus, you have a beautiful coat that doesn't get matted!
#4 8.2%
You are a Burmese! The first thing people notice about you are your eyes. They are round and set a bit further apart than most other cats. You also have an excellent nature and can easily deal with things
#5 6.7%
You are a Ceylon! A rarely heard of breed, you are small, but you have beautiful, dreamy eyes. You tend to be calm about most things and are not easily disturbed.
#6 6.2%
You are a Havannah Brown! The color of chocolate, you are talkative and like to be around people. As social as you are, however, you always remain loyal to your owner.
#7 5.8%
You are a Balinese! You have the dramatic beauty of the Siamese and are an excellent mother/father. You can be very sociable, but you tend to bond to just one person.
#8 5.8%
You are an Oriental Shorthair! You are basically a full colored version of the Siamese. You are talkative, playful and just as unpredictable, but you still maintain a delicate nature.
#9 4.8%
You are a Maine Coon! You are livin' large and in charge as the largest domestic cat! You tend to be very interested in your surroundings, an remain loyal to one person.
#10 4.5%
You are a Scottish Fold! Your round eyes give you an adorable face, and your ears are very unique as they curl forward and down. You are known for being a quiet and gentle soul.
#11 4.4%
You are a Ragdoll! What a sweetie! You have the color and beauty of a show-cat, but remain a playful family member. Your gentle nature makes you great for kids.
#12 2.7%
You are a Tiffany! A princess among cats! You are delicate and charming and are never hyperactive...You are never compleatly docile either, however. But, you remain a devoted pet.
#13 2.7%
You are a Siamese! You are graceful and slender from your nose to your tail. You are very active and highly outspoken! You remain loyal to one, but are unpredictable, and unforgettable.
#14 2.6%
You are a Chartreux! Your French heritage brings you a robust build with velvety soft hair and golden eyes. You are an independant who enjoys hunting and peaceful surroundings.
#15 2.4%
You are a Bengal! Quite the wild thing, you get your striking appearance from the Asian Leopard. Look, but don't touch. You are the loner to be admired.
#16 1.7%
You are a Javanese! Not often heard of, you are a mix of Colorpoint Shorthair and Balinese. You are a terrible show-off, but you are a good hunter and are very affectionate.
#17 1.0%
You are an American Shorthair! You are the Queen/King when it comes to home. You are independant, muscular and agile, but you are also great with kids.
#18 0.9%
You are the Bombay! You resemble the Indian Black Leopard, but you are very loving and are great for families. You also have an even temprement and you never have tantrums.
#19 0.6%
You are a Turkish Van! Water baby!! You are the only breed who swims willingly. You have striking markings on just your head and tail, and you are a peaceful, devoted companion.
#20 0.6%
You are a Russian Blue! Those eyes! Emeral green, they are. You are very shy and softspoken, but are affectionate and are very loving to your owners.
#21 0.4%
You are a Persian! You are the Queen/King of cats...Regal in every way. You come off as indifferent and uncaring, but in reality you are just as loyal and loving as the next cat.
#22 0.4%
You are a European Shorthair! You have a robust build, but still maintain that "Feline Elegance." You can be affectionate, but prefer to be independant.
#23 0.3%
You are a Norwegian Forest Cat! You are enchanting with a rich history in Nordic folk lore. You are quiet and loveable, but you do not like to sit in laps!
#24 0.1%
You are a Somali! You look like the Abyssinian, but with longer hair. You don't need a wide space to run around, so you adapt well to apartments. You are lively, and very agile!
#25 0.0%
You are a Sphynx! Made famous by Austin Powers, you are a hairless and whiskerless breed of cat. You remain statuesque, however, and crave loving attention from your owners! (I said Loving! We do not gnaw on kitty!)

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