Survey Says: Top The Emo Test results, Music Survey
MusicThe top 11 The Emo Test results of 8655 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for The Emo Test.      

#1 30.4%
You wouldn't happen to be Buddy Holly or James Dean would you??
#2 19.4%
Stop taking stupid computer tests and go out and start your own Emo band!!!
#3 12.8%
Don't deny your EMOtions!
#4 10.0%
Tight argyle sweaters are your best friend.
#5 6.0% poser!
#6 4.6%
Coffee shops and goodwill stores are your second home... infact they cant get you to leave!
#7 4.6% if you're not emo....go listen to your britney spears and n'sync.
#8 4.4%
Take your blink 182 tickets and get a clue as to what emo is!
#9 3.9%
You're a thug gangster aren't you?
#10 2.6%
you payed $50 for your outfit? shit....i got mine for free in the dumpster behind goodwill.
#11 1.4%
Your disatisfaction with life is admirable, Rivers Cuomo would be proud!

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