Survey Says: Top Elemental Spirit Personality Selector results, Astrology Survey
AstrologyThe top 13 Elemental Spirit Personality Selector results of 9165 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Elemental Spirit Personality Selector.      

#1 32.1%
Celestial Wanderer - The Celestial Wanderer is the chosen leader of the Elemental Spirits. The Celestial Wanderer is a normally happy and fun going person, the kind of person that almost everyone knows and likes to be around. The Celestial loves theory, and spends a lot of time proving and disproving the logic behind almost anything. The Celestial Wanderer is a good listener, and often can help people with their problems, but sometimes feel burdened by everything that goes on around them. The Celestial Wanderer naturally succeeds at almost everything they do, and they love to take on new challenges..
Starsign - Aires
Keywords - Logical, Cheerful, Understanding
#2 23.0%
Crystal Destroyer - The Crystal Destroyer can seem sometimes down right nasty to people, but they are actually very kind and caring. The Destroyer always has a hard time making decisions, and this can make them hard to fight with, for some times they can't even decide which side they're on! The Crystal Destroyer is a very provocative person by nature, and they are always looking for a challenge. The Crystal Destroyer usually makes people think that they can stand alone, but they care about their friends and family more than they let on.
Starsign - Scorpio
Key Words - Secretive, Generous, Alluring
#3 7.6%
Beholder of the Sea - The Beholder of the Sea is the Seer of the twelve spirits. The Beholder of the Sea is always observant to everything around them, and the have a sixth sense about things that makes people think that they predict the future. They see everything though, the good and the bad, and sometime what they see can affect them without people knowing that it does. They have a very outgoing nature that makes them stand out in a crowd, and they love to be in the spotlight.
Starsign - Aquarius
Key Words - Sensitive, Observant, Sociable
#4 6.4%
Shadow Mage - The Shadow Mage is the youngest of the twelve spirits, and also the most powerful magically speaking. The Mage's curious nature gives them a different perspective than most people on life. Shadow Mages tend to be very easy going, but they can only take so much, and if they are pushed too far they lose sight of reason. A Shadow Mage is usually hurt very much by someone they love early on in their life, and this has given them a fierce spirit. Shadow Mages care very much people around them, and they do not forgive easily.
Starsign - Sagittarius
Keywords - Curious, Immature, Emotional
#5 5.2%
Watcher of Air - The Watcher of air is often put off by people as being, clam, reluctant, and shy, but the Watcher of Air can be unpredictable, and has a dark side. They can fly off the handle sometimes if people don't take something that the Watcher believes in strongly seriously. The Watcher of Air balances things out, and without them the twelve spirits would fall apart. Watchers of Air tend to be very sensitive to other people's feeling, and usually know how to help people. The Watcher of Air can sometimes feel burdened with the problems of everything around them, and they need friends around to lean on.
Starsign - Gemini
Key Words - Unpredictable, Kind, Loving
#6 4.9%
Creator of Hope - The Creator of Hope is the Celestial Leaderís partner, and the creator among the spirits. The Creator of Hope always seems to know the exact right thing to say in a bad situation, even if what they say has nothing to do with anything, and most of the time makes no sense at all. The Creator cares a great deal about the people they love, and often worry too much about them. The Creator of hope can be very irrational at times, and can often make some things worse than they started out to be.
Starsign - Pisces
Keywords - Joyful, Devoted, Interesting
#7 4.8%
Earth Healer - The Earth Healer is the Healer among the Elemental Spirits. The Earth Healer has an uncanny knack to fix almost anything, and they love making things with their hands. The Healer is very connected with nature, and often like to go outside when things get too hectic around them. The Healer is a fierce person by nature, and unnecessary cruelty makes them very angry. The Earth Healer usually thinks things through, but when they are pushed far enough they tend to go over the edge and become rash.
Starsign - Capricorn
Key Words - Protective, Inquisitive, Kind-Hearted
#8 4.5%
Seeker of Truth - The Seeker of Truth has a very fun-loving spirit, and likes to make light of everything. The Seeker of Truth is usually smarter than most people think, but because of their personality, no one seems to take them seriously. Most of the Seeker's life people have been underestimating them, and doing everything for them. This has given the Seeker of Truth a very independent nature, and they don't easily accept help from others, even when they are in way over their head. The Seekers of Truth care very much about those they love, and they will fall apart if they lose anyone close to them.
Starsign - Virgo
Key words - Fun-Loving, Charismatic, Smart
#9 3.7%
Shadar - Shadar is not one of the original elemental spirits. Instead he is the opposition. Shadar is the brother of the Shadow Mage and near the end of the war between the Elemental Spirits and the Chaos the Shadow Mage gave her life so that her brother could be free of the Chaos. Shadar is the outsider who very rarely trusts anyone, and often lives his life alone. Only when he is able to find true friends will he be able to really understand his power.
Starsign - Arachnid the Spider
#10 2.3%
Golden Warrior - The Golden Warrior is the best fighter of the twelve spirits, and this tends to give them an over inflated ego. The Golden Warrior can seem very tough and severe at first, but they are actually a very caring and fun person. The Golden Warrior has always been under great pressure to change who they are, and this has given them a very stubborn streak. The Golden Warrior cares about their friends and family very much, and they would do anything to protect them. If someone hurt someone the Warrior loves, they would go berserk and nothing would stop them until that person had paid dearly for what they had done.
Starsign - Taurus
Key Words - Courageous, Caring, Comical
#11 2.2%
Guardian of Time - The Guardian of Time has a dark past that pushes them to succeed at any cost. The Guardian's past also makes them seem ver hard-hearted and cold about almost anything, but almost everything affects them on a very deep level. The Guardian of time always seem detached from everything around them, and most people label them as temperamental before they even get to know them. The Guardian of Time has a calm spirit, and believe it or not, they do not like to fight, no matter how good they are at it.
Starsign - Leo
Key Words - Detached, Unsympathetic, Apprehensive
#12 2.1%
Protector or the Gate - The Protector of the Gate is the guardian of all the other spirits. The protector's nature makes people think that they are uncaring, because they normally don't step into help people they care about until it is almost too late. They often doubt what they are capable of, and sometimes this can hold them back from their true power. They only put on a tough facade because they do not want people to know that they are actually very shy.
Starsign - Leo
Key Words - Reserved, Skeptical, Considerate
#13 1.2%
Tamer of the Storm - The tamer of the storm is the peacekeeper of the all the other spirits, which can make them seem weak to people who like to fight. The tamer of the Storm is anything but weak, and they love to argue almost as they love to stop fights. They would do anything to try and get peace between everything, even if they know in their heart that they can't. Tamers love anything technological and they can figure out any type of technology with ease.
Starsign - Cancer
Key Words - Calm, Peaceful, Strong

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