Survey Says: Top Are You Spiraling into Darkness? results, Weird Survey
The top 6 Are You Spiraling into Darkness? results of 97 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Are You Spiraling into Darkness?.      

#1 24.7%
Devil- You praise rules and structures. You specialize in twisting peoples words and promises, and enjoy corrupting others to your whims.
#2 23.7%
Demon- You despise life other than your own. You would kill everyone if you weren't kept on the accursed leash of 'sanity.' You revel in Chaos and Destruction.
#3 22.7%
Angel- your only purpose is to serve, you tend to speak in a monotone and lack emotion. You will do as your master commands, but are you truly evil?
#4 20.6%
You're not evil, 'nuff said.
#5 7.2%
Indifferent, All Powerful Tyrant. - you simply do not care if people live or die, as long as they don't get in your way on the road to glory, conquest, or fame.
#6 1.0%
Misguided Innocent- you are not truly evil, though you have done stuff you regret for love or for your beliefs.

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