Survey Says: Top Which Creepy Movie should you be in? results, Movies Survey
MoviesThe top 19 Which Creepy Movie should you be in? results of 430 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Which Creepy Movie should you be in?.      

#1 10.0%
Dracula - The undead pain in the neck Vampire
#2 8.6%
The Shining - Man goes crazy and tries to kill people at a Mountain Resort
#3 7.9%
Prom Night - Someone killing teens as they prepare for the prom
#4 7.9%
Texas Chainsaw Massacre - Crazed Chainsaw killers on the loose
#5 6.7%
Cujo - Family Saint Bernard gone mad and kills people
#6 6.0%
Creepshow - Creepy multi movies with young boy tying it together
#7 5.8%
Cabin Fever - Teens attacked by flesh eating virus
#8 5.1%
Resident Evil - Killer Virus attacks people in a lab
#9 5.1%
The Birds - Birds go crazy and attack people in a coastal town
#10 4.9%
Pumpkin Head - monster pumpkin conjured up to kill
#11 4.7%
Pet Cemetery - animals die but don't stay buried
#12 4.7%
Psycho - Crazy Motel owner who kills his guests
#13 4.4%
The Fog - Ghost Ship killers ride in on the fog and attack people
#14 4.0%
Hellraiser - Puzzle Box summons tormentors and death
#15 4.0%
The Mummy - Ancient Egyptian Mummy comes to life
#16 3.7%
Silent Night Deadly Night - Killer Santa on the loose
#17 3.0%
Christine - Possessed cool car that kills
#18 2.1%
Hostel - Backpackers in Europe are tortured and killed
#19 1.4%
This is not an answer, I've taken some liberties with the scoring so each movie has a chance

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