Survey Says: Top How To Know If Your Are A Poser Test-Official results, Musical Groups Survey
Musical GroupsThe top 4 How To Know If Your Are A Poser Test-Official results of 1620 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for How To Know If Your Are A Poser Test-Official.      

#1 42.5%
You are completely yourself. You don’t care what others opinions are and like it that way…You are the person screaming down the halls at the posers that punk is dead. You are in love with music and most likely own a guitar, and actually play it. People at the salvation army know you by name and you could make an outfit out of anything. You love being your self and hate labels. That’s the kind of thing that makes you, you and makes others look up to you. You’re the leader of the pack and couldn’t care less what others think.
#2 31.8%
You aren’t a poser, hell, you don’t even know what a poser is. Your gangster and like it that way. Your somewhat yourself but you should get back to your roots. You love rap or pop and wouldn’t like it any other way…congrats on not being a poser!
#3 15.4%
You’re a genuine, 100%, true, homegrown, POSER! You copy what’s in style or what you think is cool, you shop at Hot Topic (admit it) and listen to Good Charlotte…You annoy the hell out of everyone who isn’t a poser and used to listen to pop…(and you know all of this is true)
#4 10.1%
…You are what we like to call a poser with good acting skills…

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