Survey Says: Top What Evil Batman Villain are you? results, Movies Survey
The top 8 What Evil Batman Villain are you? results of 17862 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Evil Batman Villain are you?.      

#1 27.2%
You're one of the good guys! You hate all those evil guys and pledge not to rest until they're gone.. you're no fun.
#2 17.0%
You are Mr. Freeze Scientist gone evil after trying to cure his beloved wife.
#3 16.5%
You are the Riddler He hates batman and loves gaudy outfits and confusing rhymes.
#4 12.5%
You are Catwoman - Loves skin tight outfights, cats and being evil.
#5 9.0%
You are Two Face Taken over by his evil side and flip a coin to justify his evil.
#6 8.5%
You are the Penguin Has a crazy laugh and always dresses.. like a penguin and smokes like a chimney
#7 5.1%
You are the Joker Disfigured in a fire turned to crime and killer chemicals
#8 4.2%
You are Poison Ivy Turned evil after almost being killed, relies on pheromones and a lackey named Bane.

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