Survey Says: Top What Bad Ass character are you? results, Comics Survey
ComicsThe top 8 What Bad Ass character are you? results of 756 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Bad Ass character are you?.      

#1 21.3%
Ema:You are never shy around the opposite sex and you hate perverts. You hate preps and you are very dark. You may be dark and people think you are evil, you but are really a caring person inside. You arenít a leader but you want to take control of the leadership spot. You arenít that popular. You are very calm around your friends but you also arenít that active around them either. You enjoy working with technology but you like sports too. You hate expressing your emotions. You hate taking your time and like to get things done quick and fast. You love the colors red and black, which represents your darkness. You are a very night person and you hate cuddles.
#2 17.1%
Sam:You take leadership and stand up for what you believe in. You arent very shy around the opposite sex but you will if you find out you like them. You dont like doing things very fast but you dont like doing things slow either. You flirt when you dont know it and you act like a pervert just to joke around. You arent veyr popular except with your artwork. You act calm around your friends but also hyper and you believe that friendship is the most important thing in the world.
#3 14.8%
Tiff:You donít appreciate being bugged by people even if they are your friends. You like to draw but you also like to do sports. You flirt but you hate admitting it. You take leadership but only when the other leader ainít around to put you back in your place. You wear baggy clothes but you donít mind nice fitting clothes as well. You hate preps, especially the one that follows you around. You are a dark person but very kind at times. You donít like asking for help but you donít mind getting help from your best friend. You donít like to express your emotions much unless you are alone. If someone is bugging your friend, you will kick the person ass for doing so!
#4 12.2%
Kenny:You arenít very shy around the opposite sex but sometimes you are. You LOVE to cuddle, especially your best friend. You are very hyper around your friends but you arenít that active when it comes to activities. You never take leadership, instead you just back away and let the leader give out orders. Your friends are the most important thing to you and you would stand up for every one of them. You arenít really a perv but you have a weird and disturbing mind sometimes. You like doing arts and crafts and arenít much of a technology type even though your always around it. You like expressing your emotions with your friends since it seems they are the only ones who understand you.
#5 11.9%
Tech: You are VERY shy around the opposite sex and cuddling makes you blush. You are very calm around your friends and you arenít very active. You enjoy technology rather than arts and sports. You were baggy clothes that you are almost swimming in. You arenít a pervert, infact, you respect the opposite sex completely. You HATE preps. People think you are too kind for your own good.You like to express your emotions sometimes and you donít other times. You think friendship is more important that your own life and you would protect any friend you have.
#6 8.7%
Olga:You are not shy around the opposite sex, since all you do is flirt with them anyway. You are never calm and serious around your friends and are always hyper and active. You donít like art much but you donít like sports either. You like to wear tight revealing clothes and you sorta act like a prepy person. You feel popular but when you realize it, you are just as un popular as your other friends. You like to express your emotions, especially your happiness. You are very hyper and active and almost never stop moving around. You like to cuddle and you love the color pink.
#7 8.1%
Roxy:You are a very dark person but you are kind to your friends most of the time. They are the most important things to you and you would do anything for them. You are very calm and cool around your friends but are active when ever you can. You love to play sports. You hate preps. The only ones you can stand are your friends. You also hate flirts and you get along well with perverts. You donít like asking for help and like doing things youself and getting them done quick. You are a big night person and you hate mornings. You hate cuddling and feel like gagging even when you see two couples cuddling.
#8 6.0%
Sarin:You are NEVER shy around the opposite sex. Infact, you hate everyone. You are calm around people but you anger too easily. You donít have any talent that people are jealous of, but maybe thatís better. You take leadership but you usually quickly lose the faith of the people you lead. You stand up for stuff you believe in but sometimes it goes to far. You are not very popular. You love wearing tight revealing skimpy clothes. You are neither a prepy person nor a technology person. Your friends are not that important to you and you donít stand up for them. Instead, you just let them deal with their problems. You are very un active and lazy. You hate expressing your emotions, except anger. You are a VERY dark person and you love the shade black. You hate taking your time on things and you would rather do things fast. You hate asking others for help and like doing things yourself. You are a big night person and thatís when you do most of your stuff. You donít really believe in beauty on the inside. You are a very evil person.

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