Survey Says: Top What's Your Anime Occupation? results, Anime Survey
The top 7 What's Your Anime Occupation? results of 552 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What's Your Anime Occupation?.      

#1 99.3%
Bounty Hunter- Looks like being a Bounty Hunter is the perfect job for you!
#2 0.7%
Gundam Pilot- It's your lucky day!
#3 0.0%
CardCaptor- Ain't you lucky!
#4 0.0%
Galaxy Police Officer- This is cool!
#5 0.0%
Space Pirate- How cool!
#6 0.0%
Unemployed- Well that just sucks
#7 0.0%
Zeon Soldier- So you're the bad guy, huh?

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