Survey Says: Top What is your inner animal? results, Harry Potter Survey
Harry PotterThe top 5 What is your inner animal? results of 1256 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What is your inner animal?.      

#1 29.5%
Tiger: Feirce and brave, you find yourself in the upper class of the kingdom with the wolf. You are also are a leader, but often times power hungry. If someone were to invade your territory, you would be quick to a harsh reaction. Although you are a leader, and many people look up to you; you are a loner who often needs time to yourself.
#2 25.3%
Frog: Cheerfull and funny, you find yourself surrounded by friends; though sometimes you may not notice. You long for someone to laugh at every joke you make, and for the higher classes like the wolf and the tiger to notice you. On the sunnier side, you are a joker and everybody loves you for it, even the upper class.
#3 20.3%
Mouse: Quick and quiet, your true self is hardly noticeable, because you try to be like the wolf and tiger; so you find yourself trying to be someone your not. Surrounded by peers who love everything you do, you don't really take notice because of your attitude; making you sometimes weak. Don't let your ego take over! Just be yourself and you might just turn from a little sewer mouse, to a big important messanger mouse to the upper class.
#4 12.7%
Wolf: Loyal and fearless, you are a leader, the Alpha and Omega. Everyone enjoys your company, though often times you can be fierce and hostile with someone who you think is taking over your territory, such as friends or family.
#5 10.6%
Snake: Sly and cunnning, you find yourself an influence to all of your peers. They look up to you, and often times fear you though you are mostly harmless.

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