Survey Says: Top Am I a Werewolf? Or not? results, Horror Survey
HorrorThe top 4 Am I a Werewolf? Or not? results of 30256 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for Am I a Werewolf? Or not?.      

#1 47.3%
Horror movie wannabe. You only want to be a werewolf to be justified in drinking blood and consuming raw flesh.
#2 28.0%
A true werewolf! You know the animal you are and are deeply connected. You ARE the wolf.
#3 14.8%
Wannabe werewolf/werewolf groupie. Do a little soul searching, it's not all full moons and silver bullets.
#4 9.8%
Not a werewolf. Not even close. Pure human.

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