Survey Says: Top What Kind Of Person Are You results, Personality Survey
The top 7 What Kind Of Person Are You results of 107 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for What Kind Of Person Are You.      

#1 46.7%
Brain-You never get your head out of book!
#2 20.6%
Leader-you can be nice, but overall, you want to be in charge
#3 18.7%
Joker-you're the person who must make a joke every two seconds. Good! Everyone likes you
#4 4.7%
Playgirl/boy-you can't stop telling people how much you like Orlando Bloom! I'll talk about him with you!
#5 4.7%
Prep-You like to be on everyone's good side.
#6 2.8%
Loner-No offense, but you need to find some friends.
#7 1.9%
Wanderer-Make sure your friends know you're a wanderer or you'll lose them.

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