Survey Says: Top In which of the nine political regions do you fit? results, Politics Survey
The top 9 In which of the nine political regions do you fit? results of 5734 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for In which of the nine political regions do you fit?.      

#1 28.6%
Centralist - Socially center, economically left. Includes various socialists and Blue Dog Democrats, mainly those who favor greater government intervention in the economy, but don't care much about social issues.
#2 16.9%
Nationalist - Socially right, economically center. Includes various nationalists, Fascists, and neocons.
#3 12.6%
Left - Socially left, economically left. Includes social democrats, democratic socialists, anarcho-socialists, and some Social Liberals.
#4 8.8%
Right - Socially right, economically right. Includes most of whom are currently considered "conservative".
#5 8.1%
Moderate - Socially center, economically center. Includes... moderates.
#6 7.8%
Conservative - Socially center, economically right. Includes Goldwater Republicans.
#7 6.6%
Liberal - Socially left, economically center. Includes some Social Liberals and most Classical Liberals.
#8 6.2%
Libertarian - Socially left, economically right. Includes a few Classical Liberals, minarchists, and anarcho-capitalists.
#9 4.4%
Statist - Socially right, economically left. Includes Communists and theocratic socialists.

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