Survey Says: Top what type of atheist are you? (Revised) results, Religion Survey
ReligionThe top 9 what type of atheist are you? (Revised) results of 165 participants. Percentages indicate the frequency of the self-selected participants' top results for what type of atheist are you? (Revised).      

#1 37.0%
#2 15.8%
#3 15.2%
You are not an atheist, you are a Satanist.👹
#4 7.3%
Youíre not an Atheist.
#5 6.7%
Youíre Jonah.🐋
#6 5.5%
#7 5.5%
You just love people too much, and people have nothing to do with gods or demi-gods. (F... Zeus)🔥💀
#8 4.8%
#9 2.4%
Itís not that you don't believe in God, he just hates your guts, like Esau. (possibly)

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