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Which Genshin Impact Character

What Color Yoshi Are You?

Which Megaman Are You?

What SNK character are you?

Which Legend of Dragoon Charac

Best RPG for you

Which Super Smash Bros. Charac

Which Legend of Zelda Characte

Metal Gear Name Generator

What Navi Would You Be?

SSBM Character Selector

The Super Smash Bros: Melee Pe

What Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monster are

Which Tekken 3 Character Are Y

What Super Smash Bros. Melee C

Which Evil Mortal Kombat Chara

Which Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Which Lunar dragon are you?

What style of video game is ri

What video game should you pla

What ''Persona 4'' Main person

Final Fantasy VII-VIII Persona

What Crash Bandicoot Character

What Resident Evil Character a

Which Video Game System are yo

Which Final Fantasy 6 Characte

Video Game Selector

Which Epilogue Character Are Y

Which Mario character are you?

Sonic Character Selector

Which Samurai Warriors charact

Which Kingdom Hearts character

What RPG Sprite are you?

What Video game character are

FFF - Final Fantasy Females

Who should be your Final Fanta

Which Video Game Character Are

Super Smash Bros. Melee Select

Soul Calibur 2 Character Selec

Which Twilight character are y

What Final Fantasy 9 Character

Mortal Kombat Character Select

Final Fantasy VII Personality

What Disgaea character are you

Which Zelda character are you

Anos 80 - Quem era voc�?

family guy character selector

Soul Calibur 2 & 3 Personality

Which Legend of Zelda Characte

Metal Gear Series Characters

Final Fantasy 10 Character Sel

Which Fire Emblem:The Sacred S

Final Fantasy Femme

Which Fire Emblem 3 Character

How Long Would You Survive in

What Harvest Moon Character ar

genshin impact kin assignment

Resident Evil Character Select

Street Fighter Personality Tes

What Kirby character are you?

Final Fantasy VIII Female Sele

Resident Evil Selector

Zelda Game Selector

Which fire emblem character ar

The Final Fantasy Character Co

What Star Ocean 2 Character Do

Halo Character Selector

Phoenix Wright Character Selec

Which Castlevania Character Ar

What Minecraft Mob are You?

Obey Me Compatibility Quiz

Which Yakuza character are you

What Minecraft Mob are you?

Which Sonic Character are you

Bloons TD Bloon chart

Mario decision tree

Bloons TD Bloon chart

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Your Complete Results + information.
Default order is alphabetical, Zabel Zardrock determined the order.
Anakaris; Pharaoh for the Crypt (100%)   
BB Hood; Beautiful Bounty Hunter (100%)   
Bishamon; Ancient Accursed Warrior (100%)   
Demitri Maximov; Prince of Darkness (100%)   
Donavan; Fatal Hunter (100%)   
Felicia; Fearsome Feline (100%)   
Hsien-Ko; Doomed Apparition (100%)   
Huitzil; Killer Machine (100%)   
Jedah; The Lord of the Vampire (100%)   
Jon Talbain; Howling Madness (100%)   
Lillith; Lost Child of the Lust (100%)   
Lord Raptor; Evil Entertainer (100%)   
Morrigan Aensland; Mistress of the Night (100%)   
Pyron; Ruler of the Universe (100%)   
Q-Bee; The Ghastly Insect (100%)   
Rikuo; Aquatic Daredevil (100%)   
Sasquatch; Mountain Behemoth (100%)   
Victor Von Gerdenheim; Electric Powerhouse (100%)