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Ethical Philosophy Selector

Which famous philosopher do yo

Classical Philosophy Selector

Age of Purity Quiz

Choose your philosopher

What's Your Animal Demon Spiri

Philosophy of Religion

Choose your favorite metaphysi

What is your Enneagram type?

The Dead Philosopher Adventure

Alignment test


Philo-sonality THE ULTIMATE TE

What were you in a past life?

Are you a Fascist?

What philosopher/philosophy do

What type of book are you?

Individual or Collectivist?

Sociological Theories/Philosop

Whats your ethical philosophy?

What is your point of view tow

Early American Philosophies

Inglehart cultural ideology se

What is your political orienta

How open minded are you?

What Kind Of Mind Do I Have?

Enneagram Test Part 2

Which Famous Person Are You Si

Political Orientation Selector

Which famous philosopher do yo

The Celestine Prophecy Drama

Objectivism, Nietzscheanism or

Do you deserve to die?

Political Philosopher Selector

Esoteric and Arcane Faculty Ad

Are you insane?

What is your political delinea

Choose your perfect government

Worldview of the Future

What Ghost are you?

What element are you?


Are you an antisemite?

Alter-Ego Philosophy

Which Hegel's Phenomenology of

What is your governing philoso

World Views and Ideologies

What is your stance on meta-et

Elements of Personality

What Rank SHOULD I give you?

What are you?

What Kind of Multiple Are You?

Would Locke become romanticall

Intellectual thoughts of Wisdo

Christian Philosophy

Are You Happy?

Integration Ability Selector

what are you worth?

Personality Stats


American Patriot

Test of Darkness

Do You deserve life?


smartness selector

The Stupidity Selector

Neotaoist Test

G-unit Q&A


Ultima-Genisis, or building th

Which philosopher are you?

Which ethical/political philos

Are you an anti-semite?

Empistemological Style

TOK presentation summary



''What is my animal DNA?'' per

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A shark ate you. By February they could walk on land. By March, they could drive cars. (100%)     
You died Michgan Militia style. They had to pry your gun from your cold, dead hands. (100%)     
You died of a plague that foreigners dropped as "germ warfare". It was patterned after the Capt. Tripps disease Stephen King outlined in the Stand. (Way to go Steve!) (100%)     
You died of the plague released by the US as "germ warfare". It itched so badly you scratched off all your skin. (100%)     
You starved to death at your kitchen table. Did you really think that having food would make you anything besides a mark to all the folks who didn't store any? (100%)     
You starved to death, you non-believer! (100%)     
You were killed BY the Michigan Militia. If you were a woman, you just got shot. If you were a man, that tells you why you have pain in your "nether regions", and you think you might be pregnant. (100%)     
You were killed by foreign troops. So if you THINK you know who the father of your child is, you don't realize how long they drugged you for. If you're a man, and you have pain in your nether regions, that was your fellow Michigan Militia prisoner. The foreign troops only rape women. (100%)     
You were vaporized by a nuclear misslie. (100%)     
You're actually not dead yet. But you will be soon, when you realise how you're one of only twenty people who survived and they all live a minimum of two thousand miles away. (100%)