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Personal Trainer (100%)   
Actor/Actress (100%)   
Army Career (100%)   
Artist (100%)   
Bartender (100%)   
Convict/community service (100%)   
Council Tax Man (100%)   
Day Care Worker/ Social Services (100%)   
Doctor (100%)   
Environmental Specialist (100%)   
Firefighter (100%)   
Housewife/Husband (100%)   
ICT Consultant (100%)   
In T.V (100%)   
Judge/Lawyer (100%)   
Librarian (100%)   
Office Worker (100%)   
Plumber (100%)   
Policeman/woman (100%)   
Politicians (100%)   
Repairman/woman (100%)   
Scientist (100%)   
Secretary (100%)   
Teacher (100%)   
Vet (100%)