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Default order is alphabetical, Stan Ryker determined the order.
Atari 2600/5200/7800 (100%)   
Atari Jaguar (100%)   
Microsoft XBox (100%)   
NEC Turbographix-16 (100%)   
Nintendo 64 (100%)   
Nintendo Entertainment System (100%)   
Nintendo Game Boy Advance (100%)   
Nintendo Game Boy Classic (100%)   
Nintendo Game Boy Color (100%)   
Nintendo Game Boy Pocket (100%)   
Nintendo GameCube (100%)   
Nintendo Virtual Boy (100%)   
Panasonic 3DO (100%)   
Phillips CD-i (100%)   
SNK NeoGeo (100%)   
Sega 32X (100%)   
Sega CD (100%)   
Sega Dreamcast (100%)   
Sega Game Gear (100%)   
Sega Genesis (100%)   
Sega Master System (100%)   
Sega Saturn (100%)   
Sony Playstation (100%)   
Sony Playstation 2 (100%)   
Super Nintendo Entertainment System (100%)