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Which Marvel Super Hero Are Yo

Quel type de Nen �tes-vous?

Which X-Men Character are you

Which Teen Titans character ar


What Marvel character are YOU?

Which Main X-Men: Evolution Te

Which Justice League Character

Which X-Men Are You?


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WhAt NeOpEt FaErIe ArE yOu?

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The Sonic Way! Character Perso

What one of my made up superhe

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The B.E.S.T Marvel comics Vil

What Tsubasa character are you

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X-Men, Hero or Villain?

Which 'Tribe' Do You Belong To

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Sonic comic (Archie) Girl Pers

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Archie Comics!!!

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Which Spiderman Character are

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Marvel Mutant Selector

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For the Love of Yaoi Character

Johnny The Homicidal Maniac Se

Who Is Your Ideal X-Men Guy?

Qual membro da Liga da Justi�a

X-Men Character Selector

Which Legion of Super Heroes c

What Warrior am I most like?

Which Garfield Character are Y

The Batman Comic for You

Which of the Marvel Superhero

What character looks like you?

Calling all girls..which power

Blade of the Immortal cast sel

What Megaman Character are You

Sgt Frog Character Selector

which of marvel's Avengers are

Which One Is Your Inner Bat Vi

Which Level Song From The 1999

Who Is Most Relatable In The K

Which Enemy Of The HULK Are Yo

Which Marvel Heroine / Villain

Avengers Personality Test

Which Homestuck Troll are you?

Spiderman bad guys

Ninja Spirit Character Selecto

In which you figure out which

In which you discover which Ni

X-Men Mutant Selector

Spiderman bad guys

+/- Integers

What super hero are u?

Multiply and Divide

Should I buy this comic?


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You're Jhim from 'Something Positive': You're a sexy man that all the girls want. Too bad you're gay. (100%)   
You're Monette from 'Something Positive': Morally bankrupt, you engage in sexual relations as a pitiful bid for attention. Constantly vying to be something you are not, you often wear down the patience of your friends. Work some things out and take this test again! (100%)   
Youre Aubrey from 'Something Positive': If words could kill, your path would be littered with dead bodies. For now, you will just settle for humiliating people. (100%)   
Youre Choo-Choo Bear from 'Something Positive': Cotton candy pink and boneless, you are content with constant attention and one-word answers. Ignorance is bliss. (100%)   
Youre Claire from 'Something Positive': Beautiful and talented, you get stalked on a regular basis by mentally unbalanced people. Are you an innocent bystander, or do they see something you dont? (100%)   
Youre Davan from 'Something Positive': Angry and caustic, women compare you to the bubonic plague. Your friends, however, find your bitterness amusing. (100%)   
Youre Jason from 'Something Positive': You would sell your friends out if it bought you two minutes of amusement. (100%)   
Youre PeeJee: You are sweet and tolerant until someone upsets you or your friends. Hell hath no fury as an anime girl scorned. (100%)