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Albert Desalvo (100%)   
Albert Fish (100%)   
Andrei Chikatilo (100%)   
Arthur Shawcross (100%)   
Dennis Nilsen (100%)   
Ed Gein (100%)   
Ed Kemper (100%)   
H.H. Holmes (100%)   
Harold Shipman (100%)   
Henry Lee Lucas (100%)   
Herb Mullin (100%)   
Ian Brady (100%)   
Jack the Ripper (100%)   
Jeffrey Dahmer (100%)   
John Wayne Gacy (100%)   
Joseph Franklin (100%)   
Joseph Kallinger (100%)   
Juan Corona (100%)   
Paul Bernardo (100%)   
Peter Sutcliffe (100%)   
Richard Ramirez (100%)   
Robert Hansen (100%)   
Ted Bundy (100%)   
Wayne Williams (100%)   
Zodiac Killer (100%)