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How Are You Good-Looking (Guys

What will you look like in the

What kind of Geek Stereotype a

The Hair Color Selector

What's Wrong With Me?

Which type of guardian angel d

What swear word are you?

Do your parents like you?

What's your psychic power?

Are you too horny for your own

Zombie Survival Test

�A qu� personaje de Digimon Ad

Are You White Trash?

Are you a ''star person''?

Insanity Test

Which World Record Should You

Which Type of Fanfiction Autho

What is your past life secret

Class Selector: What RPG class

Dragon ball z/gt evil, charact

which sk8 the infinity charact

Otaku Levels Quiz!

What is your gender?

What is your Pirate name?

Which Meteor Garden Character

What's Your Scene(goth, punk,

What type of barbie are you?

What Yu-GI-Oh! character are y

What Type of Knife are you?

Which Home Cleaning Product Ar

Final fantasy character quiz!

What kind of Super Villain are

Which math symbol are you?

What Crystal/Precious Stone Ar

What kind of Halloween costume

Which Of These Jojo’s Bi

Which of Loki's favourite peop

que personaje del invasor zim

What kind of alien are you?

Are you HOT 4 me? (guys only)

Which DR V3 character are you!

What Resident Evil 2 Character

Subcultural selector

What highschool stereotype are

Whats your mood?

What type of freak are you?

Which of the Traveling Youkai

What Weapon are You?

Which Cool Anime Guy are you?

What elemental mage are you?

Soul Calibur 2 Personality Tes

What R U?

What is Personality, based on

The Major Arcana Selector


Who are you in Prequel Politic

What is your inner age??

What's YOUR motto?

Naruto Girl Selecter Test

Which LOTR Hairstyle are you?

I will guess your birthday mon

Which outdoor track event is f

Anime Personalities...Goku or

Welcher Inuyasha-Charakter pas

Worst Witch Character Selector

Which Teen Titans Character Ar

Are you cardinal, fixed, or mu

how badass are you?

Your Political Identity

Political Party Test

What Super Powers would you ha

The Evil-o-Meter!

Which of the original Ben 10 a

HR flow chart



What Should I Do?

Should I Buy This?

Starting a Non-Profit submissi

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David McDillon [Astaroth] - The technician of the group, the ever cheerful, ever humorous, ever bright and ever funny playboy. One should really wonder what you're doing in an assassin group instead of in a pub, being the ladies' man you are. Oh, one should also mention that he's a natural flirt by birth. (100%)   
Diablevic Mandaxnar [Asmodeus] - The sniper of the group, the ever cold, ever silent, ever insensitive and ever melancholic half-Russian. One should really wonder why you're taking this test. Oh, one should also mention that you get along with animals *very* well. (100%)   
Enrique Alcatarz [Astarte] - The alchemist of the group, the ever caring, ever loving, ever wise and ever calm father figure. One really should wonder how you can justify murders around you. Oh, one should also mention that you're bi-sexual (well, you're actually gay, but you can still accept the opposite sex well). (100%)   
Pierre Lacroix [Apollyon] - The new kid on the block of the group, the ever solitary, ever kind, ever sweet and ever peaceful orphan. One really should wonder how you're in an assassin group instead of becoming a high-school heart-throb. Oh, one should also mention that you possess supernatural ability. (100%)   
Shoki Kagami [Abaddon] - The natural leader of the group, the ever brave, ever cold, ever ignorant and ever suicidal (psycho) youth. One should really wonder why you're still alive at the moment, due to the fact that you hates the world and despises life. Oh, one should also mention that you use Japanese name, but you're no Japanese. (100%)   
The Sixth Star - The puppet master who command the group from behind the scene, the ever mysterious, ever enigmatic, ever polite and ever charming man of Eastern descendants. One really should wonder what you have in mind as you're taking this test. Oh, one should also mention that you're the founder of the Pentagram. (100%)