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What type of animal would you

What kind of furry are you?

What would your Animal Familia

What is your Spirit Animal?

Mystical Animal Quiz: Who are

What Wild Cat Are You?

Which Wild Animal Are You?

What color wolf would you be?

What Animal Do You Best Resemb

What Is Your Favorite Animal

Totem Animal Quiz

What type of animal are you mo

Animal Kin Selector

What Breed of Wolf Are You?

What animal are you?

Which Animal Are You Most Like

What kind of animal are you?

What is your inner animal pers

Which Beast is Your Spirit Ani

What Animal suits your persona

What North American Wild Mamma

What's Your Inner Animal?

What wild animal are you most

What type of animal is your fa

API Animal Personality Indicat

What animal are you???

What's your inner human-hybrid

What Animal Best Describes You

What big cat are you?

What big cat are you?

Wild Animal Selector

Which African Animal are you?

What Animal/Color Combination

What Wild Animal Are You?

What Animal Are You?

What kind of werewolf are you?

What Sea Creature Are You?

What is your Animal Companion

What Animal Are You?

What kind of mouse are you?

Animal Personality quiz

Which Zoo Animal Are You?

What animal are you?

What bunny breed are you?

Caniden - What kind of Canid w

What kind of fish would you be

Species Decider

Which Cornsnake morph are you?

Find out what owl you are!

Which Animal Are You Most Like

Which of my Favourite Cephalop

Astral Guardians Quiz

What animal are you?

Animal personality

which penguin friend are YOU?

What Bird Are You?

What Strange Creature are You?

Which animal best suits your p

What should your name be?

What animal would you be?

If you were an animal...

Your Favourite Animal!

What Stuffed Animal Are You?

What wild animal are you?

Your wild animal persionality

What animal are you?

The Anthropomorphic Bias Test.

Wild Animals

If you were an elemental wolf,

whats your totem???

What animal are you?

Which Wild Animal Are You Most

What Species of Furry are You?

What Warrior Cat Are You

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What Are Your Thoughts On Wild Animals?
Write About Wild Animals Here.

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Default order is alphabetical, amarceluk determined the order.
Domestic fancy mouse (100%)   
Dormouse (not really a mouse, but it looks like one) (100%)   
Egyptian spiny mouse (yes, they have spines!) (100%)   
Fisher mouse (it catches fish) (100%)   
Grasshopper mouse (it eats insects) (100%)   
Harvest mouse (100%)   
Laboratory mouse (100%)   
Pygmy mouse (100%)   
Wood mouse (100%)   
Zebra mouse (100%)