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Leatherman 61010103H PST with Leather Sheath (100%)   
Leatherman 61020101 Original Pocket Survival Tool (PST) with Black Oxide Finish (100%)   
Leatherman 61070103H PST II with Leather Sheath (100%)   
Leatherman 61110003 Sideclip (100%)   
Leatherman 62010003 Mini-Tool (100%)   
Leatherman 63050103H Super Tool 200 (100%)   
Leatherman 67010103H Wave with Deluxe Leather Belt Sheath (100%)   
Leatherman 68010103H Crunch with Leather Sheath (100%)   
Leatherman 69010103H Pulse (100%)   
Leatherman 70101003 Juice C2 (100%)   
Leatherman 70108003 Juice C2, Storm Gray (100%)   
Leatherman 70208003 Juice S2, Storm Gray (100%)   
Leatherman 74204003 Juice CS4 (100%)   
Leatherman 80030003 Squirt P4, Inferno (100%)   
Leatherman 80040003 Squirt P4, Glacier (100%)   
Leatherman 80080003 Squirt P4, Storm (100%)   
Leatherman 81030003 Squirt S4, Inferno (100%)   
Leatherman Colored Micra Tool (100%)   
Leatherman Juice CS4 Multi-Tool Storm (100%)   
Leatherman Juice XE6 Multi-Tool Thunder (100%)   
Leatherman Micra Tool (100%)   
Leatherman XE6 Juice, Storm Gray (100%)